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Our Hardware

We offer purpose built IoT hardware for industrial and commercial applications, ready to deploy immediately.  Custom hardware for volume applications is delivered quickly and at a reasonable price point.

The TX IoT Timer is a cleaning system timer for dust collector applications.  All standard dust collector cleaning modes are included along with an integrated Differential Pressure Sensor, digital inputs for remote cleaning control, alarming, 4-20mA output of DP signal for PLC connection and an auxiliary 4-20mA input for monitoring any secondary sensor.

Direct connection to a live cloud dashboard is enabled wtih the built-in cellular connectivity providing remote viewing of collector operation through any device, worldwide.

Timer Base 8 Render 1 Transparent Backgr

TX IoT Timer

For dust collection applications

Timer Base 4 Render 1 Transparent Backgr

GX3 IoT Gateway

The GX3 is a cellular connected IoT gateway that is used to monitor equipment and sensors from any location.  Integrated sensors, analog and digital I/O channels provides direct connection to existing equipment or processes.​


The GX3 is offered in a standard DIN rail mount package and fully integrated with AC/DC power supply, isolated I/O, cellular connectivity, local display and keypad, and out of the box just-apply-power operation.

TX DP Sensor Transparent Background.png

WX IoT Sensor

The WX IoT sensor is a battery powered, cellular conneted sensor that provides the simplest, easiest to install sensing solution available today.  Direct cloud connectivity is operational out of the box.  An integrated lithium battery provices years of life before replacement.

Sensors for pressure, temperature, vibration and level are available. Connection to any existing sensor is also supported for both analog and digital signals. 

The WX is a revolution in sensing for remote and hard to access locations.  All that is required is for the sensor to be attached to the sensing location, without running any wires or connecting any power supplies.


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